Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sedona Biking Trip

Don't expect to learn too much about the Sedona Trip by checking out this site- that would take all the fun out of talking about it. Anyone that is going to see this site likely talks to me on a regular basis- so you'll learn more about our Sadona fun when we talk. I'll include a few of the picts here, but the rest of them will be at my photo site.

Top Left and Top Right: Views right in Sedona. Bottom Left and Right: Bryant
I will take the credit for the great photography- thank you very much.

Below: That would be me.

Below: Our Flagstaff ride. Check out the other site for the rest.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Carpet/ Appliances in...

Alright- There's fast and there is fast- but lately I'm feeling like this is Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and I'm not ready to move in yet! One month ago my walls were just sheet-rocked, and now carpet is in! You're looking at the finished front elevation with a lot of paint touch-up which will be done before we close. All in all, it has turned out just fine. I'm very particular and hard to please, but it'll be a good little home for a few years, at least.

Here, we are looking at some close-up photos of my recently installed range and microwave. I can critique my own color-choosing weaknesses by commenting that I need more contrast. The cabinets, tile and carpet are all light browns. But hey, I figure 1- I'm neutral with the colors and 2- WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A GUY??? I think a woman's touch will spice things up with some good paint color and decorating saavy.

Lastly, a shot towards my stairs. I will paint the stair rails a darker, Mahogany color to complement the door better, and again, I will paint the walls some color that someone talented, with good color sense will probably recommend. As much as I wanted much darker carpet, I think this is the better route- it keeps things a little brighter and workable.
Any Ideas for wall color? Pulease- I need all the help I can get! Go to my photo album to see a few more pictures where you can blow them up to full size.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Roof on, Cabinets in!

The roof has been completed,
At first I didn't like the color
scheme- but I'm getting used to it.
I think I may actually be at the point,
now, that I like it!

The cabinets are in and also the Tile. I think they turned out just fine. We'll see how they look with the granite and grout!

Here's the view from the back (a few weeks ago)- No one can accuse me of not haveing a Happy House!