Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Summer in Boston!

Do I know how to treat myself or what!!

It has been since the Summer of 2001, my Freshman year in College, that I got to visit home durring the summer time, and this Year, I was dead set on breaking the drought! I WENT HOME TO BOSTON!

It was so much fun; the Friday I arrived till 9 days later when I return to the desert.

The trip began by surprising the whole family at home except Dad. I sorta had to tell someone so I had an on-site spy to help make the grande arrival a success. I flew the red-eye and arrived in Boston at 6:30 AM on Friday. I awoke Conrad with a phone call, and he picked me up and drove me home. Once I got home around 7:45 AM, I surprised Mom with 1/2 lb of her signature favorite See's chocolate and ME. After giving the See's, I could have immediatly reurned to the southwest and she would have been a happy camper!

I can't possibly sum the entire thrill in the short amount of time that I have to update this silly blog- especially since nobody even looks at it! I can briefly give you the week at 10,000 feet.

Friday: Soak It In

I begin with being introduced to the new home and neighborhood. I didn't have a lot on the agenda- mainly due the fact that nobody knew I was coming to prepare for my arrival! I knew that going in, but it was sooooo worth it. I spent much of the day, like an old retired man, walking around outside, loving the 70 degrees.
Saturday: The Coast.

Saturday, we did get out. To the coast we headed for the ever so famous, ever so popular, ever so painful-to-watch Slippery Pole Competition. Google the event if you don't know what it is.

The 4th of July is a very festive time of year, I might add. You may walk any road in Massachusetts at this time of year and you are likely to find the American icon lining the avenues. (the flag, not me)

Sunday: Church.
Here's from my drive home from church.

Monday: Bike to Boston
Inspite of having lived in in Bean Town for 5 years, this week was full of first timers. The first of the firsts, was a bike ride into Boston.

Tuesday: Canoe the Concord River- Historic 'Old North Bridge'
This was one fun canoe ride! To the Old North Bridge and back to the boathouse: aprox. 2 hours. If you don't know what this bridge is, read a history book. You'll find that you are free today partially due to the blood spilt here.

To the left is the boat house. To the right is a the Concord River looking from the boathouse. Dave arrived to Boston that evening from DC.

Wednesday and Thursday: The Apple.

Wednesday moring, we all piled in the two cars and headed 4 hours south to Liz and Frank. While it was my second time visiting the sis. in her New Jersy crib, it was my first time to view the 4th of July fireworks from a 20 story balcony (the view at the right is from her balcony). Okay, in all fairness I'll admit that the light display was more inland than we expected, so the view from the deck wasn't that great, but we relocated, and enjoyed a terrific, festive evening.

Left: Liz, the sister, and me, the author of this boring blog.
Above and Right: I told you about this, reread above if you missed it.

From Jersey City to Central Park, we walked, and walked and walked. Very little that day was new to any of us, but nothing beats just being together.

As much fun as walking the streets of New York is, it was always great to return home and relax with the family back at the homestead.

Friday: Back to work.

The week was so jam-packed with with fun and excitement, Friday was time for the locals to go back to work. The day was rather uneventful for me, but still very much appreciated and enjoyed. We still got out and had some fun.

Saturday: Bean Town
Now, I can't go home to Boston and not see the city. Conrad, Dave, Rob and I headed into the city to run some errands, check out the skillful and awe inspiring street performers, and just tour Fanuel Hall and Quincy Market.
Later that day, we enlarged our minds by visiting a few history museums. While museums would normally be a great place to take a nap, I was pleasently impressed by the interactive, audio visual presentations of early colonial America.

Sunday: High-tail it to AZ.

It was an early morining, and a long day, but I departed Boston early in the A.M. and returned home in AZ with time enough to iron a shirt, break a sweat and make it to Church.
The trip was so
dang fun. Thanks, family
for hosting meand showing me such a great
time! I wouldn't trade those nine days for anything.
65-75 degree weather, all the green, all the enter-
tainment, all the history, all the memories, all the
relaxation, all the home cooked meals, all the movies at
night, all the sarcasm, all the laughs, all the razzing, all
the learning and experiences, all the surprizes, and the best of
The family.
alright- pretend that wasn't sappy.


Cantab's Photos said...

Those are awesome pictures. It was so great having the family here...I was kinda sad and lonely when you all can ask Frank.

Curtis said...

Wow- you commented again! I'm sooo popular! YOU were sad we left? I was terrified to leave! The East is still home to me, I hope to return perminantly some day.
oops, I mean-