Monday, August 20, 2007

Another New Home- Now this is familiar!

Well, you'd think it would be a thrilling first time to be building a home. Unfortunatly, I've recently been here. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see my home get built and to finally move in, but having already had one house built this summer, and have it fall through, the whole process is somewhat redundant.
So here it is, the ground breaking of my home in Gilbert, AZ: Yeah- oh, so exciting. Again.

They've got the pipe in the ground, now we wait for the city to do thier thing. Once inspection passes, we'll shade the trenches, prep for the slab and inspect again.



Cantab's Photos said...

It looks great! Frank and I are jealous...are kids will probably be moved out before we own a home.

Curtis said...

no, I doubt that's so. Besides, at least you'll have kids. Thanks for checking out this silly site. It's not that there's anything on the site that I care about you seeing, it's just a pain to maintain this silly site!
thx! said...

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