Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Okay, okay, no jokes, Please!

Alright, I understand that this makes me an easy target for all the jokes but spare me, please! Yes, if you've heard the rumors, it is true. I'm on my 3rd home in 6 months. The story is short, and it makes me look less fickle and crazy. Basically, with a housing market as soft as it is right now, you never really know what to expect. It is an excellent time to buy, but you wanna make sure you're buying right. Well, not even one month into the construction process of home number two, Stephany, Bryant's dearly beloved, was returning from taking Ashlyn to play school when she got the uncontrolable urge to check out a development she has passed dozens of times prior. Upon checking it out and finding it to be the home and neighborhood she saw in her dreams, pursued the possibilities of making the neighborhood their own. The next day, once thier deal was basically closed and knowing of their over joy, a rare server breakdown at work allowed me to bail for a few hours and check out this deal for my self. The short version- I likewise found the location to be much more convenient and desirable, the builder to be conciderably more responsible and reputable and not to mention competent, the floorplan to be fabulously functional, the investment to be safer and more encouraging and the overall value to be much better. That day, I got approval from the bank and the next day I bought the last home in the community, just 5 doors down from Bryant.
Check out my photo album, click on 'home construction', and check out the photos and videos of the home! This will be the last home this year. I swear!


Michelle said...

Curtis, you have me oozing with jealousy. At first When I saw the pics before reading I thought, "HOLY MOLY! This guy can DECORATE" and considered flying you out here to help me out. Then I realized your home hasn't been built. But your precedent has been set so I expect grand things from you like lovely plush pillows on your couch and ivy in your kitchen. :-) We're excited for you!

Marcus J. said...

I know this may seem weird, but I got to your blog from Tony Brown's who is a classmate of mine at Texas A&M. I'm a fellow BYU alum and am graduating in Dec. and may be moving to the East Valley area to work at Intel. May I ask what the name of the development is and how I could learn more about it? You can email me at marcustolman@gmail.com. I'm really interested!